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The Audit Committee welcomes new member Christiane Lecompte

(March 12, 2015) On March 5, Christiane Lecompte joined the Curateur public's Audit Committee as a replacement for Denis Marsolais. Ms. Lecompte has a Master's in Business Administration from the École des hautes études commerciales. She has held various senior management positions in the health and social services network, in particular in hospitals and CLSCs, and she has solid human resource management and organizational experience, at both the strategic and operating levels. She also served as the management staff director at the Direction générale du personnel réseau et ministériel of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux. Since 2010, she has acted as a human resources management consultant.

Note that the Audit Committee's mandate is to support the Curateur public in several fields, in particular internal audits, risk management, and the audit of financial statements for accounts under administration. The members advise the organization independently and objectively, and assess the relevance of control mechanisms and reporting procedures.

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