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A new form of security that simplifies life for parents of a minor child

(July 23, 2014) Legal tutors who have been calling for a simpler way of administering the patrimony of their child can celebrate! A new type of security is now available. The fruit of a partnership between the Curateur public and Épargne Placements Québec, it will make it easier for parents to fulfill their obligations. The purpose of the Security Investment [Placement Sûreté] is to protect the assets of a minor child in the same way as a hold funds, mortgage guarantee, and contract of surety or other form of insurance. In contrast to these types of security, however, it involves less work in terms of reporting.

Parents who opt for the Security Investment must deposit all the money they administer for their child and refrain from cashing in all or some of the funds until the child comes of age. In most cases, they won’t need to produce annual reports and a final report.

In addition, they will normally not be required to furnish or maintain another type of security, and they could be exempted from forming a tutorship council if they register a Security Investment at the beginning of the tutorship. They will, however, maintain all their other responsibilities, such as informing their child about the patrimony when the child turns 14.

Legal tutors who need more information can check the Security section or contact their private representation officer. This product is not available to dative tutors.

The Curateur public du Québec marks its 69th anniversary

(July 21, 2014) On July 21, 1945, the Loi instituant une curatelle publique [Act respecting the creation of public curatorship] went into effect. Under that law, an individual, the Public Curator, was charged with protecting incapacitated Quebecers and their property. With 69 years of expertise, the Curateur public du Québec is Québec's reference for the protection of incapacitated individuals.

On this special day, the Curateur public wishes to highlight the contributions of the support network of more than 17,500 individuals whose close family and friends acted as tutor or curator. It also applauds the role played by roughly 650 Curateur public employees at its head office and eleven service points across Québec. Every day, social workers, medical personnel, legal counsellors, etc., meet the needs of represented persons and their legal representatives. There are also in Quebec more than 13,000 individuals who, in the absence of close family or friends, had the Curateur public as their tutor or curator.

We have come a long way in 69 years! Thanks to all the women and men who, over those years, have reached out to others—À la rencontre de la personneas our slogan so aptly puts it.

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