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Incapable, but no mandate?

(September 28, 2016) What would happen if you became incapable without having a protection mandate? Once your incapacity has been confirmed by a physician and a social worker, it’s too late to prepare a mandate. This document must be drawn up while you are completely lucid. However, the law provides for alternatives for incapable persons who require protection. In the absence of a protection mandate, the court or a notary will call a meeting of relatives or friends to designate the person who will take care of you and your property. If no one you know can or wants to act as your tutor or curator, this responsibility will fall to the Curateur public. Follow the example of 2.8 million Québecers and prepare your protection mandate—the best way to make sure your wishes about your person and property are respected in the event you become incapacitated. Click here to begin preparing your mandate.

The protection mandate is being revamped!

(September 23, 2016) A new version of My protection mandate is now available. Among other changes, the 2016 version includes the recent amendments made to the Code of Civil Procedure. Its less cluttered layout makes it easier to read, and there is an explanatory guide to help you through the process, which can be done at a time and a pace that are convenient for you. In other news, the online version of the form, available for free on the Curateur public du Québec website, can now be filled out on screen—simply print it and sign it. My protection mandate is an essential tool in the protection of the person. More than 2.8 million Québecers, or 42% of the adult population, have prepared their protection mandate. View the press release (in French) This link will open in a new window..

My protection mandate PDF document. (5.61 MB)