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Labour dispute at Canada Post

(June 30, 2016) The Curateur public du Québec wishes to inform the public that it is taking every measure to minimize the possible inconveniences to its partners and clients due to a potential work stoppage at Canada Post. Thank you for your understanding.

Think preparing your mandate will be expensive? Think again…

(June 28, 2016) Do you think you can’t afford to have your mandate prepared? Maybe you didn't know you can prepare your mandate for free using the form available on the Curateur public's website. A Curateur public survey revealed that cost is an obstacle for fewer than 5% of respondents who don’t already have a mandate. Find out more in the document 8 myths about the protection mandate (PDF).

Think preparing your mandate is complicated? Think again…

(June 27, 2016) Does preparing your protection mandate seem like an insurmountable task? Yet, fewer than 1% of respondents to a Curateur public survey who don’t have a mandate think that it's too complicated. A helpful tip for getting over this hurdle is to consult the practical information about the mandate on the Curateur public's website or to ask a lawyer or a notary for help. Find out more in the document Breakdown of Québecers according to their attitude toward the mandate (PDF).