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What about cultural communities?

(February 17, 2015) Family members play a key role when it comes to the protection of incapacitated persons. But, what about members of cultural communities who move to Québec from abroad, often leaving family members behind? This is just one of many topics that Public Curator Normand Jutras spoke to the media about during his visit to the De la Montagne intermediate resource (IR) on Tuesday, February 17 This link will open in a new window..

It is important to point out that the De la Montagne IR is located in the heart of Parc-Extension, one of Montréal’s most multicultural neighbourhoods. As such, this was a perfect opportunity for Mr. Jutras to repeat a very important message: “It is essential for Quebecers, whether they were born here or abroad, to get involved in the protection of their loved ones, and that each and every citizen realize that the issue of incapacity concerns him or her directly.” Mr. Jutras’ urging is even more important in light of a Curateur public survey that revealed that people born outside of Canada are less familiar than native Canadians with the steps involved in obtaining authorization to act on behalf of an incapacitated relative.

In addition to addressing the media, Mr. Jutras also took the time to meet with workers and residents during his visit to the IR.

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