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Capsules on the mandate for the visually handicapped

(November 30, 2015) Did you know that people who are visually handicapped can now get information on the mandate in case of incapacity from the Curateur public’s website? It’s true, the site features brief audio capsules that relate the entire text of the My Mandate in Case of Incapacity brochure as well as the form enabling them to prepare a mandate by themselves. If you know someone with vision problems, tell them about this; they might find it very useful.

What role does a mandatary play?

(November 24, 2015) If you have decided to prepare your mandate in case of incapacity, you have probably also picked out the trusted person to whom you would like to assign the role of mandatary. Find out all there is to know so you can clearly tell the person what his or her responsibilities would be in your regard if you were to become incapacitated and your mandate were to come into effect.

Do you know what is meant by the homologation of a mandate?

(November 16, 2015) You may have prepared your mandate in case of incapacity, but how and when will it come into effect? What does your mandatary need to do at this stage? On this helpful website, you can find out exactly how to homologate a mandate, from the assessments required to establish incapacity all the way to the ruling of homologation rendered by court.